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Lifting        UK Lifting Equipment Services was founded in order to
                  Equipment           supply equipment and provide servicing, test & inspection
                                      services in accordance to Lifting Operations and Lifting
                   Services           Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and the Provision

                                      and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).
                                      We are a small independent company. We and our
                                      partners have a wealth of experience within the industry.

                                      We are able to undertake thorough on-site examination of
                                      We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and it is our
                                      lifting equipment at very competitive pricing, to include
                                      commitment to offer our products and services at the
                                      Test Certificates, Register Documentation, replacement ID
                                      most competitive prices whilst ensuring that they comply
                                      Tagging as required and minor on-site rectifications.
                                      with the appropriate and necessary criteria of safety,
                                      performance and design.
                                      We can offer rapid collect, repair and return of equipment
                                      and where possible, loan of equipment that is vital to your
                     Testing          All of our products are supplied with EC Declarations of
                  Inspection          Conformity overseen and monitored through our technical

                 Certification        department. We have an experienced team of qualified
                                      engineers who are able to carry out comprehensive and
                                      thorough statutory examinations in line with LOLER and
                                      We also supply products and components that are both
                                      PUWER requirements.
                                      high quality and competitively priced.
                 Installation             We have in-house flat bed and vertical load test
                   Commission         equipment up to 10 Ton capacity and access to 50 Tons
                       Test           capacity. We are able supply and fit floor mounted swing
                                      jibs and crane systems to your specific requirements with
                                      full certification, commissioning and load testing. We also
                                      have load test cells and hoisting equipment available for

                   Thorough           We specialise in on-site inspections and our expert
                   Statutary          engineers are able to effect minor repairs on the spot. We
                 Examination          carry an inventory of spares and replacement / loan
                                      equipment available to ensure that you are able to
                                      continue uninterrupted with your operations.

                    Servicing         We hold a comprehensive inventory of components and
                         &            parts for lifting accessories and lifting equipment
                    Repairs           including those from most major hoist manufacturers.

                  Documents           We supply and monitor certification of thorough
                         &            examination and conformity on your behalf. Your details

                    Records           are available to view at any time on cloud based
                                      documentation. We provide timely reminders of inspection
                                      timetables and inspection plans.

                    Quality           We are fully insured for our business activities up to

                  Assurance           £10,000,000. Our ongoing Training, Health and Safety,
                                      Method Statements, Risk Assessment and Recruitment
                                      Policies are scrutinised and accredited by independent

                                          UK Lifting Equipment Services
                                  61 Woodside Street, Cinderford, GL14 2NU.
                                         01594 824829 - 07891 010602
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