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5 Tonne Forklift Lifting Hook Attachment 5000kg Telehandler Crane Jib

The FLLA5 Fork Lift Lifting Hook Attachment can be adjusted along the forks, secured utilising the “T” screws provided.

Manufactured in the UK, The FLLA5  is Powder Coated and provided with a 

NEW Improved quality ball bearing Swivel hook gives full swivel under load

High quality Swivel Hook with Safety Catch;

  • Grade 80 alloy steel.
  • Meets the WLL Performance Requirements of EN1677-2.
  • Ball bearing type.
  • Performs full swivel under load
  • Painted finish.
  • Marked with manufacturers identification, material grade, size and part number.
  • Spare safety catch kits available.

 Galvanised Blue Pin Safety Pin Bow Shackle;

* Grade 6 high tensile steel body and pin, quenched and tempered.

* Meets the W.L.L. requirements of EN 13889 

* Meets the W.L.L. requirements of US Fed Spec RR C 271.

* Supplied with an EC declaration of conformity.

* Safety factor 6:1.

 Marked with manufacturers mark, size, ID mark, CE and W.L.L

Max fork size is 148mm x 60mm Fork width centre 360mm

FLLA5 Max Lifting capacity 5000kg